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Ideal for auto applications

Ideal for auto applications

凯发网站 nylon industrial fiber products are used to manufacture numerous automotive applications such as front-driver, 乘客, side-impact and curtain airbags.

Our NIF product portfolio offers fibers for airbag fabric in the denier range of 420 to 840, including 3 and 6 dpf products, with tenacities from 9.0 to 9.5加仑日. Our tire cord fibers portfolio offers deniers in the range from 840 to 2520, with tenacities up to 10.5加仑日.

Warping capabilities

凯发网站 NIF operates an exceptional warping facility adjacent to our fiber spinning plant, which is managed by the most experienced professionals in the business. We specialize in 54" beams.

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Clean fiber technology

ENDUR by 凯发网站™ isn't a garment treatment or a coating. It's a fiber, delivering permanent functionality to your fabric blends.

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